The process of receiving and using information is the process of our living effectively within that environment.
--Norbert Wiener


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Nihilistic genre of science fiction which takes place in a near-future world dominated by networked computers. The term, coined by Bruce Bethke, comes from cybernetics and punk. William Gibson's breakthrough 1984novel Neuromancer established the genre.

Before the 1980s the themes and attitude of cyberpunk existed among several SF authors, notably Philip K. Dick ("Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?") and Norman Spinrad (Bug Jack Barron).

Bethke wrote the short story "Cyberpunk" in 1980, which was first published in Amazing Science Fiction Stories, Volume 57, Number 4, November 1983.

The story is published online at the Infinity Plus website.

Notable cyberpunk authors with works include:



  • Greg Bear: Blood Music
  • Bruce Bethke: Headcrash
  • Pat Cadigan: Pretty Boy Crossover
  • George Alec Effinger: Marid Audran series (When Gravity Fails, The Exile Kiss, A Fire In The Sun)
  • William Gibson: Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Virtual Light, Idoru
  • W.T. Quick: Dreams of Flesh and Sand
  • Rudy Rucker: Ware series (Software, Wetware, Freeware, Realware)
  • Neal Stephenson: Snow Crash
  • Bruce Sterling: Islands In The Net, Zeitgeist, Heavy Weather, Globalhead, Holy Fire
  • Michael Swanwick: Vacuum Flowers
  • Walter Jon Williams: Hardwired, Voice Of The Whirlwind
  • James Patrick Kelly: Wildlife

Short Stories & Collections

  • Bruce Bethke: "Cyberpunk"
  • William Gibson: Burning Chrome
  • Rudy Rucker: Seek!, Gnarl!
  • Bruce Sterling: Crystal Express, Schismatrix Plus, A Good Old-Fashioned Future


Cyberpunk by Bruce Bethke at Infinity Plus
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