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  Revolution for the Hell of It

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Abbie Hoffman's 1968 manifesto chronicles the mad run of the Yippies. As Revolution for the Hell of It describes, the formation of the Yippies followed a series of Abbie escapades. He frolicked with and frustrated the Diggers, who had opened the first Free Store in San Francisco in their artistic pursuit of a free society; he soon dominated New York City activism with stunts like the Stock Exchange event, that mixed childish irreverence with brilliant media manipulation; with other activists, he turned a march on the Pentagon into a communal exorcism and levitation of the building. He established the Yippies with a few other likeminded counterculture radicals, most notably his wife, Anita Hoffman, and another Digger acolyte, Jerry Rubin, in order to organize a peaceful protest and music fair at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

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