Technologists have to act as responsible members of society, but they also have to cut themselves out of the loop of ruling the world.
--Tim Berners-Lee

  Viridian Design

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Viridian Design

Design movement founded by Bruce Sterling, centered around the reduction of the greenhouse effect. He prepared its launch with a statement of principles in the October 14, 1998 Viridian Design speech. The official launch was marked by The Manifesto of January 3, 2000.

The features of the Viridian movement, as detailed in the 1998 speech:

  1. A built-in expiration date: 2012, from the Kyoto accords, when people are supposed to be engaged in a serious decline in CO2 emissions
  2. A deliverable: reduction of greenhouse gases
  3. Moral gravity and sense of urgency
  4. No physical locale
  5. Powerful, malignant, threatening enemies: the Global Climate Coalition
  6. No tolerance whatsoever for anything spiritual or mystical
  7. No street credibility: corporate futurism and product development
  8. Specifically interested in old people
  9. Love for cops and soldiers: environmental crimes units, anti-poacher units, post-disaster National Guard units, emergency civil engineers, the Red Cross and so forth
  10. Futurism
  11. Pet drug: Viagra
  12. A name, and a coherent look
  13. Bruce Sterling is the absolute monarch of the Viridian Movement
  14. The first official rollout is a Viridian Manifesto for January 3, 2000

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